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I am the Robert W. Reeder I Professor of nineteenth-century American history at Youngstown State University. My research currently focuses on Civil War memory. In other words, I study how the Civil War generation interpreted their history, imbued it with meaning, and worked to impart that meaning to future generations. My research interests also include women's history, Midwestern history, and public history.

At YSU, I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in U.S. history including Nineteenth Century America, The American Civil War in History and Memory, Women's History, and History of Ohio.



Civil War Commemoration in Missouri
now available in print and e-book versions 
"Amy Laurel Fluker's Commonwealth of Compromise provides a fascinating new look at how Missourians of the Civil War generation...attempted to reconcile their tumultuous wartime pasts through public acts of conciliation.... Fluker thoughtfully explores how the disparate strains of Civil War memory--Confederate, Union, and African American--sometimes competed and other times collaborated as Missourians attempted to frame the meaning of the war for future generations."
--Diane Mutti Burke
"Dr. Fluker's important new work makes welcome contributions to Missouri history, the history of the American West, and the developing scholarship of Civil War memory."
--Jeremy Neely
"Commonwealth of Compromise is a must read for anyone interested in the Civil War's legacies."
--Kristen Epps
"Fluker complicates our understanding of Civil War memory by examining a place, Missouri, that did not conform to simple...memories of the war."
--Nicole Etcheson

Commonwealth of Compromise